Renovating a heritage or listed building is a specialist task that requires the right work and team. Chris Arlett are the perfect company to look after your prized building and to help bring it back to life. Our fully trained team can carefully and gently strip walls, wood and flooring before retouching surfaces and bringing the decor back to life.

We have worked on a number of listed buildings over the years and have the knowledge, experience and tools to be able to take care of any building or surface as we help to return it to it’s former glory.

We have one special job underway that has required our utmost care, attention and professionalism.


Chris Arlett were asked to carefully renovate this beautiful listed building Town Hall in Monmouth with a medieval lime wash finish that many companies simply wouldn’t be able to deliver.

The lime wash finish dates back to the middle ages and was the favourite wall finish until the early nineteenth century. It regained popularity in the 20th century as legislation ensured that traditional techniques and materials were used for historic and listed buildings.

Lime wash remains the most breathable of paint finishes, it’s environmentally friendly and produces 3% sheen – amongst it’s several advantages. It provides a chalky texture and is ideally used on lime plastered surfaces or masonry. The colour penetrates the painted surface and so five coats can be applied to build up the depth of the colour.


Chris Arlett have been asked to carefully renovate a beautiful listed building in Monmouth.

Ensuring that all original features are maintained and protected before being painted, as well as taking care of the beautiful grounds and surrounding area we have needed to perform tour best throughout this delicate job. As the job progresses we will be featuring photos and updates on work, so be sure to check back and see the final results.